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My waist is slowly getting defined. I’m seeing lines I haven’t seen in years. 136.8 lbs today.  10 years ago I was 127 and thought I had a few lbs to lose. So my goal is to reach 125 and shape up. I am ecstatic! I’m convinced I will look better than I ever had, because this time I am exercising. Not just being a skinny-fat unhealthy young adult.


Slow but steady I’ll reach my goal. I am in the process of replacing my wardrobe with much cuter, better clothes. I was fashionable before I entered a dark period of my life when I was not strong enough to catch the stones thrown at me from glass houses.

I am empowered, better, and stronger.


I broke a plateau for a little while there. Still going good, still sailing on. I’m so proud of myself. I am starting to see the person I know I can be.

I’ve started Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred 2 days ago and I’m absolutely loving it! I don’t know if this is because I just started it but I’ve lost 1.2 lbs in 2 days, that’s amazing! I haven’t changed the way I eat (in fact I indulged in some dark chocolate and graham crackers the last few days, but I am seeing results! Her work outs are killing me. I can feel it in my calves and lower legs mostly, my arms feel great too! I can do this! I can be fit! I will be fit! I want to take this all the way. I may even find a career in health and fitness, who knows? I’m so happy to have gone on this journey of self awareness and bettering of myself. Nothing beats seeing hard cold results from hard work and determination. If I can do this anyone can.

I think a new me had been waiting to come out for a long, long time and I’m finally catching a glimpse of my true potential. I am positively loving this.

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I’m so proud of myself! I stepped on the scale this morning and I was shocked by the number! 149.2 lbs. And I’m doing this the healthy way, eating yummy foods and I feel NO need to eat junk. I started an experiment for a week, to see if I could cut breads from my diet without missing it. I cooked a whole batch of my favorite black beans for the week, I guess beans while being proteins (which I need!) are starchy enough to give me the feeling of ‘bread’ if I’m making sense.

I try to go power walking or running about every other day (and everyday minus one day on good weeks), on top of that I am getting into strength training with my resistance band (medium) for about 15 minutes every other day. I also go on Youtube, clear some space and will move like a 6 year old to ZUMBA! Oh my God, this dance is so much fun but I’m ways away from dancing it in public *LOL* I am so clumsy! But at least I’m moving and HAVING FUN!

This is the little secret to a lifetime weight loss we all tend to forget, the changes are something we’ve got to live with for the rest of our life and so they must be pleasurable.  I am experimenting a lot with foods I am attracted to. I LOVE cooking and healthy foods can be so satisfying if cooked right!

I am now able to run a straight 1.8 miles! I clock in at 21 minutes. Not very fast but still a very significant improvement from when I first began 10 weeks ago! Hubby and I have been slacking for a week or so on the running because we had so much to do in preparation to his departure. An idea which I still struggle to deal with. I think, if I ever get a tattoo, it will be something along the line of “be strong”, and I would get it once I reach my final goal physically and emotionally. I’ve struggled with undiagnosed depression for well over a decade now, but things are changing for the best. I feel myself maturing, and things I held as important before are not quite as relevant today.

I still have my slice of cheesecake, and I still crack for a handful of chips here and there, but mostly I eat healthy and in small portions. I’ve become a fan of whole wheat pita bread sandwiches with hummus, feta cheese, grilled white chicken bits and homemade cucumber tomato tsatsiki sauce (made with greek yogurt). Sometimes I squeeze a lime over the whole thing.  I make one  sandwich for lunch out of one half of a medium size pita.

I’m still smoke free and do not want to get back to smoking, ever. No matter how hard life gets, or how down I may feel sometimes. NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF!

I’m so proud of myself so far. I really am. I am proving to myself that I can do this. I can be the person I’ve always dreamed of being. Now, another challenge will be to be without my husband for 4 months. I love him so much this will break my heart, but life isn’t always what we want it to be! I’m thankful to have him to begin with!

So…I am about 1 lb shy of having lost 10 lbs!

Also, I got a resistance band yesterday! So now I’m incorporating strength training into my running routine. I hope to have a few sessions a week, alternating with my running days. The weather’s great now and I can do more things outdoor.

To conclude, my husband has lost nearly 17 lbs over the same time! He’s losing almost TWICE as fast as me, doing the exact same routine (except he runs faster than me)! How unfair this is! LOL And he eats more junk too! Not that we do on a regular basis, but his portions are always bigger and sometimes he’ll get a soda (I don’t, I’ve come to hate soda!).

Yes, I’m losing very slowly, but I’d rather keep a healthy lifestyle eating what I want than depriving myself to gain later. I’m happy with my results. The last result was skewed too. The Wii is strange. Anyway, I weight myself around the same time of the day now and do not wear clothes or drink or eat before. I admit I avoided this blog until I lost more weight because I got so disappointed that I wasn’t really at 155 lbs. :/

I’m doing research on peri menapause too. I seem to have some symptoms although I’m young still. No hot flashes yet 🙂

I believe I’ll be at my target weight in about 6 yo 7 months.  125 lbs seems like a good number. Maybe then will I aim lower, but I don’t know if I can. My mother was fat at my age. I blame my big arms and big upper body on her! I’m jealous of girls shaped like girls, pears who can wear cute clothes and still look good at my weight, because of their tiny, curvy waists. I’m like a man with a thick waist and big arms. Yuck. I want to join a gym when my husband leaves for 4 and a half months. I want to become a gym bug. I’m serious. I WILL be thin AND toned. You just watch.  I promise.

I’m still walking/running about 4 miles every 2 days. Sometimes it’s an everyday thing, and sometimes we slack off a bit or it rains. I want a gym membership so bad!! it’s expensive though, they should make it cheaper. In fact the government should open free gyms for people who can’t afford $80 a month!!! Just imagine how much we would save in medical costs! Anyway…

I made some awesome coconut pork the other day, then the next day I made chicken adobo and then again the day after I made some Irish style beef brisket for the hubby. He loves that stuff. It’s not bad but wow, in moderation please!

My latest favorite foods are whole wheat pita sandwiches with low fat fillings, like combinations of fresh or cooked veggies with turkey or tuna salads. YUM! I so love food,I really do. I love good food however. None of that processed bad stuff so many kill themselves eating.

I wasn’t always a lover of veggies though, I used to avoid them, counting frozen peas and corn as veggies LOL. So bad but hey. I was working at a restaurant too, so ate there. You’re always tempted to eat bad stuff when you’re a cook. And you have to taste what you cook. I don’t know if I can be a restaurant cook again…not because I don’t like it but…I don;t want to be fat again. Being fat killed my self esteem, it killed my fashion sense. People don’t even know that I DO have fashion sense, they think I just don’t care which isn’t true. I just can’t find anything to wear that fits me good since my waist is thicker than my thigh when all women clothes are made for the typical PEAR ass.

I really want to have a food blog too. Oh, and I have been smoke free for more than 8 weeks now. 😀