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The Skinny Apple

I’m so proud of myself! I stepped on the scale this morning and I was shocked by the number! 149.2 lbs. And I’m doing this the healthy way, eating yummy foods and I feel NO need to eat junk. I started an experiment for a week, to see if I could cut breads from my diet without missing it. I cooked a whole batch of my favorite black beans for the week, I guess beans while being proteins (which I need!) are starchy enough to give me the feeling of ‘bread’ if I’m making sense.

I try to go power walking or running about every other day (and everyday minus one day on good weeks), on top of that I am getting into strength training with my resistance band (medium) for about 15 minutes every other day. I also go on Youtube, clear some space and will move like a 6 year old to ZUMBA! Oh my God, this dance is so much fun but I’m ways away from dancing it in public *LOL* I am so clumsy! But at least I’m moving and HAVING FUN!

This is the little secret to a lifetime weight loss we all tend to forget, the changes are something we’ve got to live with for the rest of our life and so they must be pleasurable.  I am experimenting a lot with foods I am attracted to. I LOVE cooking and healthy foods can be so satisfying if cooked right!


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