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The Skinny Apple

I committed myself to eating as little meat as possible. I am aiming at having chicken about twice a week, fish about twice as well, and red meat once or rarely. We have pork chops in the freezer, so instead of cooking them whole, serving one for me and one for him, I freeze them each separately and use HALF of a pork chop as a single serving.  I cut the whole chop into pieces and add it to pasta or other dishes, usually making the veggies not the side, but the major part of the dish. My husband is thus satisfied by having meat, and I am too for having him eat more veggies than he normally would!

For the last two nights I’ve gone vegetarian. I’m learning to appreciate it too. Tonight I made a simple, yet tasty, dish out of broccoli, cauliflower and tomatoes. Everything tastes wonderful with garlic and onions with a little cheese sprinkled on top!

Also, I forgot that I own Wii Fit (duh!). So instead of using my crappy scale I stepped on the Wii board and actually got to find out where I stand: 158 lbs! My heart raced in my chest. Did I really lose about 2 lbs or was I not 160 lbs to begin with? I guess I’ll never find out for sure because the scale wasn’t precise to begin with. I sure want to believe I lost 2 lbs though, with all the walking, running and change of diet!

I made a concerted effort to drink a lot of water too today. I tend to skip on that. I’ve never been a drinker of water in large quantities so this is something I’m working on. “If you piss anything but clear you need to drink, drink drink!” said my husband to me. They’re serious about hydration in the army, and I can understand that!

Pss…and by the way: they say you gain weight when you quit smoking. I must prove them wrong!

I am 1 week, 5 days, 18 hours FREE OF CIGARETTES

I skipped smoking 267 cigarettes.


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