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The Skinny Apple

Nothing ruffles my feathers more than to hear slogans for various weight loss products advertising just how *EASY* weight loss is. It isn’t! It sure is NOT easy! I need to freakin’ move mountains to see even a slight change in how I feel.   Sure I’d love to plop down on the couch with ice cream and cookies! Sure I’d love to eat chips all the time!  All these foods engineered to please without regard to consequences! Not that I’ve crossed them all off, but I can’t see myself eating without THINKING anymore. It got me to where I am now. Out of shape and hating what I see in the mirror. Alcohol had a BIG influence in how I got so heavy too. This woman could drink, but not anymore, I cannot. I don’t even enjoy it anymore. I will NOT let alcohol, or food, or a sedentary lifestyle rob me of who I am.

I can’t become a hermit because I think I’m disgusting. And I can’t give up the fight because I think it’s too hard. It’s NOT easy but it’s NOT impossible either. I’ve decided to make a change and this change is radical. No more cigarettes, very little alcohol on weekends, MAYBE, and a better diet followed by regular exercises.

Today I didn’t go to walk/run. I don’t know what got into me. I guess I wanted to exercise at home instead so…I ended up doing 4 sets of 20 wall push-ups, 4 sets of ab crunches with 2 lb ankle weights, 4 sets of biceps and shoulder exercises. I also played with the Wii Fit for about 15 minutes. Does it make up for the walk I missed? Maybe not but I’m still learning about cardio and weight training, and how I need to do both at once.

I do not own workout DVDs or even weights other than my ankle/wrist 3 lbs ones.. I can’t even do push ups the regular way! I have to do WALL push-ups I’m so weak! Laughable but a start nonetheless! When I can do push ups on the ground I’ll think of getting weights!

Also, I know it’s popular to post before and after pics of one’s weight loss success, so I took pictures of my body from the front and side. The thing is, I can’t even look at them so I’ll keep them private until I see a change. I can’t bear to stare at them right now. :/


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