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The Skinny Apple

I don’t like blog post titles. I can never think of one. With that said, I went to the park for the first time on my own yesterday. Hubby left for the weekend, his work requires it so I had to get off my butt and go by myself. I did enjoy walking briskly with my iPhone blaring music into my ears. One hour everyday can’t be bad for you, right?

I have a cheap scale at home, the kind you have to manually set by turning the knob? What a useless piece of #%%$!! I can’t tell if I’ve lost a pound or not, the scale is just too unreliable. Anyone knows of a somewhat cheap electronic scale worth having?

Anyway, while I was researching online to find different exercises and weight loss tips. I stumbled upon the following intriguing  site. It helps you visualise what you would look like if you lost (or gained!) weight. That’s right, all you have to do is upload a frontal picture of you,  move your cursor down the slider and voila! You’re 40 lbs lighter!

The Weight Mirror.

So, yes, I keep on reminding myself that weight loss is a long journey and that it’s all about making lifetime changes, the permanent kind.  Combine that with quitting smoking (one week and 5 days already), dramatically slowing down my drinking (only had a couple of beer last week) and if I keep at it I should be seeing results, for Batman’s sake!

Of course it’s going to take a while. It didn’t take me a week to get to the state I am but years of abuse. A too sedentary lifestyle coupled with lots of alcohol will add pounds to ya. I don’t even think I ate so much but since I’m a petite, maybe I did. Anyway, do you want to know something frightening?

A pound of fat is roughly 3,500 calories, and since I want to lose 40 lbs:

40 x 3,500 = 140,000 calories

That’s 140,000 calories to lose! However…if I walk briskly for an hour I’ll burn roughly about 350 calories, so!

140,000 / 350 = 400  days.

…So I have about a year or more to reach my goal if I have a calorie deficit of 350 a day.



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