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The Skinny Apple

But I’m still on track. I’ve gone 4 miles power walking today. Yesterday I got some wrist weights to help me burn more calories. I am not seeing any change in weight yet but I am starting to feel a whole lot better.

By switching habits one by one I’m setting myself up for success, even if this means it’s going to take a while before I start seeing physical changes in me. Maybe it is because I quit smoking 1 week ago that my body is refusing to shed even one pound!  Or maybe I’m already building muscles? One way or the other,  the journey is what matters, and I am enjoying it too!

So for a list of little things I’m doing these days:

1) When I wake up, I  juice 2 apples + 2 carrots first thing in the morning.  The juice is so tasty and filling!

2) I just switched from regular rice to brown rice, as I hear it’s a lot more nutritious.

3) I still like to snack late at night, because I tend to go to bed very late! But this time I’ll get a couple of celery sticks and add a teaspoon of peanut butter in the groove.

And yes, I got a pack of chocolate cookies the last time I did the groceries, but I’m only eating a couple of pieces a day. I deserve it!


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