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The Skinny Apple

So, I’m not the only one on the road to a healthier me! My husband has joined the bandwagon. He’s quit smoking at the same time and has started walking and running with me on the same track . We have each other for support, which is great!

We invested into a juicer about 3 weeks ago. We use it every morning. I try to juice 2 apples, 2 large carrots and a pear for the both of us. My husband wasn’t a fan of veggies before we got married. Well, he’s not a cook so I can’t really blame him! But with my cooking he’s changed his mind about quite a few veggies that he doesn’t mind having for lunch or dinner anymore. It’s not the veggie, it’s how you cook it!

So, about our quit, we are now on day 3 and 14 hours  in. It seems like I’ve gotten a headache from it but it’s nothing I can’t deal with. I consider it part of a journey to great health, and if my body is getting rid of toxins and poisons while giving me a headache, then so be it, have at it!


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